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WABC Radio last day of music For decades WABC dominated not just New York but the eastern seaboard with 50,000 watts of power. At noon, May 10, 1982 the "Musicradio" format ended and WABC became a news-talk station. The day the music died.
Tags: WABC  radio  music  radio  musicradio  top  40  disc  jockey  dj 
Added: 24th March 2013
Views: 409
Posted By: Steve
1948 Easter Brunch From the pages of Seventeen magazine March 1948. An Easter brunch layout. Artwork by Valz. This is a very humble brunch by today's standards. Even for teens to give.I like the colored Easter eggs used for decoration. Better not touch those, I guess. LOL
Tags: Easter  1948  brunch  teens  VintageSeventeenMagazine   
Added: 24th April 2011
Views: 993
Posted By: AngoraSox
Robin Hood WHEN THINGS WERE ROTTEN 1975-Created by Mel Brooks. Lasted a half season. Brooks used the same Robin Hood theme in the 1993 movie "Men in Tights
Tags: robin  hood  WHEN  THINGS  WERE  ROTTEN  men    in    tights    mel    brooks    manchu    eagle    terrific    nice    world    gautier    van    patten    kopell    m     
Added: 9th April 2009
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Posted By: pfc
Shelley Fabares- My Prayer I could not find her doing her most famous Johnny Angel.
Tags: Shelley    Fabares    My    Prayer    Donna    Reed    song     
Added: 9th April 2009
Views: 1074
Posted By: Cliffy
Here Comes Peter Cottontail A Story and song about...Peter Cottontail", the jazzy cartoon short about that "cool little bunny" giving baskets full of Easter joy!!!
Tags: PeterCottontail  Is  The  MAN 
Added: 8th April 2009
Views: 1874
Posted By: mia_bambina