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Vanessa Williams Penthouse Scandal The September 1984 issue of Penthouse magazine was responsible for two major scandals. First, the issue featured explicit, raunchy photographs of recently crowned Miss America Vanessa Williams, some of which showed her getting, ahem, friendly with another female. (They were actually test photos taken by a photographer friend of Williams and not meant for publication.) Nevertheless they were acquired by the magazine and prominently featured in its 15th anniversary edition. It was a huge seller, netting a profit of $14 million for Penthouse. The subsequent uproar caused Williams to voluntarily relinquish her Miss America title. The second controversy did not surface for nearly two full years: The Pet of the Month in that very same issue was rising adult film star Traci Lords. In 1986 it was revealed that Lords was only 16 years old at the time of the photo shoot.
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Added: 14th December 2011
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Posted By: Lava1964
Kennedy Tax Cuts Tags: Kennedy  Tax  Cuts  Tax  Breaks 
Added: 9th September 2010
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Posted By: Cliffy
Maurice Chevalier Denies Being a Nazi Collaborator Accused of being a Nazi collaborator in occupied France, in 1944 Maurice Chevalier made this filmed denial.
Tags: Maurice  Chevalier  collaborator 
Added: 5th January 2009
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Posted By: Lava1964
Friends of Disctinction  Love or Let Me Be Lonely 1970: Love or Let Me Be Lonely top positions - US Pop #6, US R&B #13.
Tags: Friends  of  Disctinction    Love  or  Let  Me  Be  Lonely 
Added: 16th July 2008
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Posted By: rickfmdj
Caine Mutiny- Strawberries Tags: Caine  Mutiny-  Strawberries  caine    mutiny    dmytryk    humphrey    bogart     
Added: 15th July 2008
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Posted By: pfc